Monday, February 16, 2015

One Thimble Blog Tour Part 2 Animals

Kissy Kissy : )  What else would a girl do if given two puppets!  Welcome back to part two of my One Thimble E-Magaizine tour.  This is going to be a quick stop because I kinda explained everything in part 1, you can find that here. Part 1 post was all about this bag-

This post is not about that bag.  But it's pretty cute so I thought I should sneak it in : ).  This post is about some furry little friends.  No, not the real live kind that my children would love to have but furry friends that will fit on your fingers.  The Woodland Finger Puppets are one of the PDF patterns in issue 6 of the One Thimble E-Magazine.  You can grab the Magazine with all 10 PDF patterns plus a bunch more info or you can grab the single Woodland Creatures PDF pattern on the One Thimble website.  Let's meet the characters shall we...

Yes, we have a missing character.  Mila took off with the Unicorn last week and he has not been found.  Believe me I have searched EVERYWHERE! He's a cute one.  I promise!

Unlike the Outta Time Bag I have had these little creatures made up for awhile.  I was hoping today to get the chance to make a little stage for the puppets and get some cute pictures of them in action.  No Stage still but I did get some action shots : )

One Thimble Blog Tour

Ohhh I looove being part of a blog tour! Today I am your stop on the blog tour for the e-magazine One Thimble.  Can I ask you where in the world have I been?  How is it they are on issue 6 and I am just now hearing about One Thimble?  Wow, everything is absolutely adorable, and kinda a steal since there are always a bunch of PDF patterns included in each issue.  Issue 6 has 10 PDF patterns included plus a whole bunch of additional information.  I now need all issues  : ).

 Ok so lets get on with the tour.

I have two PDF patterns to share today!  I am always sewing up clothes so I thought I would shoot for something a little different.  I chose the Outta Time Tote and the adorable Woodland Creatures Finger Puppets.  Both patterns are included in issue 6 of One Thimble and also available as a single pattern purchase on the One Thimble website.  I was a bit nervous.  For one because I had a very busy couple weeks and could not get to sewing the bag until the last minute.  And two, because I have never sewn a bag before.  Silly me as usual,  the bag was a very easy sew and fun to make. I loved the sneaky ways to conceal seams and creating very perfect pockets.

I used the Ballet Class In Pink by Alexander Henry for the outside of the bag.  And a white with pink pin-dots for the lining.  
Mila is just about two.  Maybe still a little young for ballet class.  I am just not so sure if I can wait for ballet class to use this bag (which by the way is the perfect size for a ballet class bag) 

The finished bag measures 12"wide by 14"tall and 3"deep.  Really it's the perfect size for anything and a great item to sew up for craft shows!  

Now I said I have the opportunity to share about two items.  So make sure to check back later today for the Woodland Puppets.  Oh and there are a bunch of us Pattern Revolution Members blogging about what you will find in issue 6 so make sure to check out all the stops!  I've been seeing allot of awesome stuff along the way!!! : )

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Phresh Blazer by Winter Wear Designs

 Now really you see this huge photo bellow and you think.  Oh this is a pattern review.  Well you would kind of be correct.  It is a pattern review, but it is also a little more.  A few weeks back I ran across an add of sorts, this add was for a position as a new contributors at one of my fav blogs Pattern Revolution.  Of course I applied, and wowza and Whoo Hooo I made it to the callbacks.  Callback's included some pretty amazing talented laddies!!!  I could not even believe it!!!  But here I am sharing this post.  This is the post "my try out post" This post is like if I had been a singer and on American Idol.  This would be the song I sang on that very last episode to go for the win. Did I make it?  Check out my try out bellow-

Hello Everyone!!!  I am Kim and I blog over at Kimmie Sew Crazy.  I am a mommy to three handsome boys and one pretty little lady : ).  I adore sewing pretty much everything but I would have to say little girl outfits are my very most favorite.

So, Pattern Revolution has requested that I review the new Phresh Blazer PDF pattern by Winter Wear Designs.   If you have ever read my blog before you would know that I do allot of pattern testing (which I love to do) but the idea of just reviewing an already perfect pattern that would not need tweaking sounded absolutely just a little more fun : ).  To top it all off the pattern is the Phresh of the top on my list of patterns that I was already drooling over in the Bundle Up Sale.  Yes, they are all drool worthy but I had two very favs, and the fresh blazer was one of them.  Now I must be honest, I kinda wished it had a larger collar.  Like a men's suit collar. But in reviewing a pattern we do not want to make many changes.  So I stuck with the original as is pattern.  I must say I am soooo glad I was not allowed to add that collar in my mind,  I love how this tuned out.  I also love that little collar as is!

OK, So you know pretty much already that I love the pattern.  I think it has a grown up look that I really like on Mila.  I also love how the blazer is fitted and fitted perfectly on her little body.  I made the most basic of the options available with the pattern.  Not because I did not want the ruffles but because I used a pair of my pants as fabric. There just was not enough to add the cute ruffles to the back.

As far as difficulty, I would would have to say this pattern is for beginners.  There are many steps, and you MUST take it slow and read through the steps but it's pretty much just sewing straight lines.  The most difficult part of the whole pattern would be adding a button hole.  Do not be afraid of those button holes.  You can do it! : )  Alright, and I was kinda a wimp and went with a snap.  Snaps are always and option too.  I just happen to love the look on snaps lately : ).   The pattern includes a some use of single and double fold bias tape.  Which you can make or buy pre-made.  This is a great pattern for learning how and when to use bias tape.  I think I may never hem a sleeve again after this pattern : ).  I love how the bias taped looks!  This blazer was a pretty quick sew.  I have a hard time giving a accurate time frame (the whole mother of 4 thing) but I would guess it would take and hour and a half, maybe two hours for those out there who have uninterrupted sewing time : ). All together my thoughts are "loved it" I will make her one or two in every size as Mila grows.  You can dress the blazer up or down depending on fabrics.  My next will be in a dark stretch denim.  I am thinking that would be adorable with hot pink Capri's.  : )

I DID, I DID!!!  I am in : )  And I can't wait to start some reviewing : )

Monday, January 5, 2015

Spending the Holidays with Florence

Oh man you guys have no idea how excited I was when

Lil Luxe added Sleeves!

This post does contain affiliate links although as usual I love this pattern and my feeling expressed our 100% true : )
Look at my little baby, she is actually posing for

Monday, December 15, 2014

Quick, Simple,Cute, and lots of options

It is freezing here.  Can you tell by that picture above.  Well actually today, yesterday and

Monday, December 8, 2014

Lil Luxe made another pattern for another ADORABLE little dress

This post contains affiliate links to the Lil Luxe Shop.  Although I am an Affiliate I absolutely adore every pattern I own of Lil Luxe's!!!!  For REAL : )!!!  Get 30% off with code BLOGTOUR

Is it really possible for a lady to make this many adorable patterns this fast and they always turn out so perfect!  Jessica at Lil Luxe shop just amazes me!  I really love every pattern I test.  And always or at least dream of the time to make a few more of each.  I have almost all

Friday, November 14, 2014

More of Adorable Lil Luxe Patterns

I am an affiliate of Lil Luxe : ) This post does contain affiliate links
Grab the Peek A Boo Hoodie discounted for a short time in Jessicas Shop
Lookie Lookie, I do have boys too : ).  Three to be exact but I rarely

Thursday, October 23, 2014

A Hattie Dress Flip this Pattern for Frances Suzanne

I started by blog with the Flip This Pattern series for Frances Suzanne...and than I started testing...and kinda got super busy and paused the series for a bit,  Well I just could not skip on

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

A Mini post about a super cute Jacket

I Love IT!  I know I say that all the time, but its true all the time : )  This is the most recent test I

Around the World Blog Hop

Oh man!  Can you believe it : )  I am posting about something other than testing sewing patterns!  I am kinda surprised myself!  To be honest I am extremely very excited to be part of this blog hop.  I was invited to

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Lily Giggle Sew Along That Fab Jujuebe Dress Day 3 Ruffles and maybe a bow

Once again this post does contain affiliate links to Lily Giggle Pattern Shop

First off, if you happen to find this post months, years, or more from now and you are wondering where to find this super very cute fab Jujube dress pattern I will

Monday, September 22, 2014

Lil Luxe Dressathon for a few Fall Dresses

I am an affiliate of the Lil Luxe Collection.  This post contains affiliate links : )

Find the pattern to these two cute dresses HERE  And make sure to grab it at a discount!  25% huge percent off with the code Dressathon  This will expire soon (sorry I am not sure on the exact date)

We are getting a little closer to a complete Fall wardrobe in Mila's closet.  All of this testing I have been doing is well needed.  Summer clothes are on the

Friday, September 19, 2014

Showcase Flip Swing Coat to Dress and a little more

I like to put the link to the pattern on the top so its easy for you to find.  But you can also grab it at the bottom of my post.  Go Grab your pattern at Sewlosophy and get 15% off all of her patterns just use the code-SHOWCASE.  Now on to my post : )

When I received an ever so secret email a few months back from Frances Suzanne I pretty much just about screamed with excitement!  You can ask my boys, its true!  I was really very very excited to be part of the September Showcase,  My very first blog post ever began because of Frances Suzanne.  If it were not for the Flip this Pattern series I do not think I would have ever started blogging in the first place.  So thank you Frances Suzanne for starting this super fun series and

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

All In One Pattern in the All You Need Jammies by Heidi & Finn

Some times its hard to find the link so I will put it here : ) Etsy shop link to Heidi & Finn
Oh my gosh I am in love once again!  This is the most amazing pattern and I promise a must have for girls and boys.   The pattern is out Today and pretty much includes a pattern for everything you need to make not only pajamas but an entire knit wardrobe!

I think my favorite piece is the nightgown!  Its comfy and adorable and doubles as a comfy knit dress. The pattern has long, mid and short sleeve lengths with or

Friday, August 22, 2014

Year of the American Girl Giveaway

While browsing Google Plus (which by the way, completely confuses me, but seems fun) a few weeks ago I happened to run across a contributor request for a huge giveaway.  I guess it intrigued me because I entered even though I did not have an American Girl doll nor have I ever made American Girl Doll clothing. My thoughts were that it would be pretty easy.  The clothes are so tiny I thought I could sew the dress up pretty quick.  Well I was kinda wrong because I think the tiny dress took just as long as a big girl dress but it was pretty fun : ), and I will certainly be making more!

The giveaway is really kinda amazing and really kinda huge!  The lucky winner will receive an 18"doll outfit for every occasion that happens within a year.  My entry of course is

Monday, August 18, 2014

Lil Luxe Collections Alley Cat Romper

I am an affiliate of The Lil Luxe Collection, this post does contain affiliate links
I thought I would be taking a little break from testing.  I have been hoping to sew up a fall wardrobe for Mila and finally tackle some of those patterns I have been hording.  Maybe even