Thursday, November 20, 2014

Spending the Holidays with Florence

Oh man you guys have no idea how excited I was when Olu of Needle and Ted's email first showed up in my inbox!  Once again I yelled to my boys to come see.  They are always very sweet and pretend to be excited about what to me is truly very exciting sewing news : ).  Yes I have the best boys in the world!  I think I was probably the first one to respond and sign up due to my excitement, and of course I choose the last day to post my blog on the tour.  I have this fear of not making deadlines or a mishap on my way so i choose last.  I made it though so woohoo! and really no big mishaps other than our disgusting weather  : )  Yikes!  I say this all the time- and when I say this, it's always true!  I'm so loving this pattern, and yep here I am again writing about how I love this lovely gorgeous Florence blouse pattern. The Florence blouse is what the pattern tour is all about.   First or shall I say second because I have already rambled on a bit, let me tell you about this blog tour and what it's all about.
 See the picture above.  The tour started on Monday Here at Needle and Teds.  All the info there may make a little more sense than my unhealthy speller babbling, so you may want to stop by or even start there and work your way down that list to me : ).  This little tour is not just a tour, it's also a competition.  Click right HERE and check out all of our lovely tops, than vote: ).  You can vote at that link by leaving a comment on your fav.  There is some pretty stiff competition!  : )

At first sight I was not sure I could pull this one off.  Especially in this silky fabric, but I did : ).  And it was sooo easy.  Not sure why I was ever worried in the first place!  Sometimes I forget that we can probably make anything as long as there are good directions.
I really did not change the pattern much.  I did the flounce as 4 pieces and sewn them together.  Oh I can not think of the term to use but so that it is lined or double sided.  Can you tell in the photo above?  I also added two layers of tulle to each side.  I did use snaps instead of buttons.  I thought the shiny silver looked a little more festive : )  That's it!  No other changes.  I had this idea in my head of a 40's style Christmas outfit. The Florence blouse was most likely my inspiration because I felt the blouse as is fit right in to that idea.
The rest of my little idea was to make some high waist pants with suspenders. At first I wanted to go with a baggy wide leg pant, but that is hard to do with a toddler so I ended up with kinda a bubble capri pant leg.  The pants were self drafted : )  They have a few pleats too.  I think they kinda remind me of the women's movement and the "we are equal, and we can wear pants too" thought. I know I am most likely sounding strange : ).  But that is the look I am shooting for with this outfit.  
OK I took pictures at a whole bunch of different times so Mila is going to look just a little different in a few : )
I think she actually likes the outfit!  She usually despises anything I make her.  I think she feels that was because she knows I am going to put it on her and take it right back off and than do the whole thing again in a few more minutes (you know to check the fit).  That really bugs her : ).  She seems to have fun playing with the flounce. 
Would you like to know how I got her to stand still like this?  I just played Frozen on the TV that is a couple feet from her and wow, I was able to actually get a few good shots.
Now I got this one by pretending as though she was tough and that her "5's"are super strong : ).
Here's that 5 : )
The straps were sewn into the back and hooked on the front with those clips.  Here is a few more of some very similar pics but that are just slightly different.  I have an awful hard time picking out a favorite so I will just keep sharing : )  

And here are a few bad momma pics because I did stick my child outside in the 20 degree temps for just a few minutes without a coat.  I promise I did have a few layers under that shirt : )

And Mila did wear the shirt today.  I thought I could maybe show that the shirt is not just dressy even when made with a pretty dress fabric!  Plus the top matches these boots so perfectly!

Chubby toddler legs are just the cutest!

Madeit is generously offering a discount during the blog tour so make sure to go grab yours before the discount is over!

20 percent off
Thanks for stopping !!!

Friday, November 14, 2014

More of Adorable Lil Luxe Patterns

I am an affiliate of Lil Luxe : ) This post does contain affiliate links
Grab the Peek A Boo Hoodie discounted for a short time in Jessicas Shop
Lookie Lookie, I do have boys too : ).  Three to be exact but I rarely sew anything other than jammie pants for them.  I had not really been enticed by a boys clothing pattern other than two Cradtstorming patterns that I have future plans to blog about until I had sewn this one for my daughter.  See her cute hoodie bellow : )

My first test for the pattern was in Mila's size 18 months.  My son saw it and said "it looks like an Under Armour sweatshirt mom but better, sew me one."  Uh, what?!?  My son wants me to sew him clothes!?!  Well I should say son's because all three of them want one (Hint, hint Jessica : ) I'd love a size 14)  So of course I did, and they love it!  Comfy and cute, although I will not tell them I think its cute.  It's certainly not cool for a boy to wear cute clothes.

Although it is cool to do kung fu : )

Whoops I kinda forgot to explain a little about the pattern! The pattern is called the Peek A Boo Sweatshirt.  I bet you could guess why.  Yes there is a peek a boo pocket right in that center panel : ).  The sweatshirt is in two lengths, the waist length and a tunic length.  The Peek A Boo Sweatshirt is sized 12-18m through size 8 years.    
Here is Jessica's photo of the tunic length : ) notice the fun thumb hole : )

The pattern is a quick fun sew.  The thumb holes and front pocket are a fun step and somewhat surprised me on how they are constructed!  I think this pattern is a must have!!!
 Head on over to Jessicas shop for an even better description.  Link to the Jessica's shop is right here  Grab the pattern for your self and have fun : )  Here are a few more pics because I usually overdo it : )

Here is a sneak peak at what Lil Luxe has up her sleeve : )

Thursday, October 23, 2014

A Hattie Dress Flip this Pattern for Frances Suzanne

I started by blog with the Flip This Pattern series for Frances Suzanne...and than I started testing...and kinda got super busy and paused the series for a bit,  Well I just could not skip on

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

A Mini post about a super cute Jacket

I Love IT!  I know I say that all the time, but its true all the time : )  This is the most recent test I

Around the World Blog Hop

Oh man!  Can you believe it : )  I am posting about something other than testing sewing patterns!  I am kinda surprised myself!  To be honest I am extremely very excited to be part of this blog hop.  I was invited to

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Lily Giggle Sew Along That Fab Jujuebe Dress Day 3 Ruffles and maybe a bow

Once again this post does contain affiliate links to Lily Giggle Pattern Shop

First off, if you happen to find this post months, years, or more from now and you are wondering where to find this super very cute fab Jujube dress pattern I will

Monday, September 22, 2014

Lil Luxe Dressathon for a few Fall Dresses

I am an affiliate of the Lil Luxe Collection.  This post contains affiliate links : )

Find the pattern to these two cute dresses HERE  And make sure to grab it at a discount!  25% huge percent off with the code Dressathon  This will expire soon (sorry I am not sure on the exact date)

We are getting a little closer to a complete Fall wardrobe in Mila's closet.  All of this testing I have been doing is well needed.  Summer clothes are on the

Friday, September 19, 2014

Showcase Flip Swing Coat to Dress and a little more

I like to put the link to the pattern on the top so its easy for you to find.  But you can also grab it at the bottom of my post.  Go Grab your pattern at Sewlosophy and get 15% off all of her patterns just use the code-SHOWCASE.  Now on to my post : )

When I received an ever so secret email a few months back from Frances Suzanne I pretty much just about screamed with excitement!  You can ask my boys, its true!  I was really very very excited to be part of the September Showcase,  My very first blog post ever began because of Frances Suzanne.  If it were not for the Flip this Pattern series I do not think I would have ever started blogging in the first place.  So thank you Frances Suzanne for starting this super fun series and

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

All In One Pattern in the All You Need Jammies by Heidi & Finn

Some times its hard to find the link so I will put it here : ) Etsy shop link to Heidi & Finn
Oh my gosh I am in love once again!  This is the most amazing pattern and I promise a must have for girls and boys.   The pattern is out Today and pretty much includes a pattern for everything you need to make not only pajamas but an entire knit wardrobe!

I think my favorite piece is the nightgown!  Its comfy and adorable and doubles as a comfy knit dress. The pattern has long, mid and short sleeve lengths with or

Friday, August 22, 2014

Year of the American Girl Giveaway

While browsing Google Plus (which by the way, completely confuses me, but seems fun) a few weeks ago I happened to run across a contributor request for a huge giveaway.  I guess it intrigued me because I entered even though I did not have an American Girl doll nor have I ever made American Girl Doll clothing. My thoughts were that it would be pretty easy.  The clothes are so tiny I thought I could sew the dress up pretty quick.  Well I was kinda wrong because I think the tiny dress took just as long as a big girl dress but it was pretty fun : ), and I will certainly be making more!

The giveaway is really kinda amazing and really kinda huge!  The lucky winner will receive an 18"doll outfit for every occasion that happens within a year.  My entry of course is

Monday, August 18, 2014

Lil Luxe Collections Alley Cat Romper

I am an affiliate of The Lil Luxe Collection, this post does contain affiliate links
I thought I would be taking a little break from testing.  I have been hoping to sew up a fall wardrobe for Mila and finally tackle some of those patterns I have been hording.  Maybe even

Monday, August 4, 2014

Lily Giggle is Back On

I am an affiliate of Lilly Giggle, this post does contain affiliate links to their shop : )

OMGosh!!!Can you believe this fantastic news!  Yes I know I can be a little silly but I am genuinely very excited about the return of Lily Giggle Sewing patterns.  I became a big fan many years ago when I first saw the Zinna Dress in a photo on Brownie Goose's Blog (by the way she is another fabulous designer).  I purchased the pattern immediatly and I actually did sew it up immediatly!  I than began purchasing more and more of the patterns.  When I heard the news LilyGiggle would be closing shop I was genuinely sad, sad like when Guns n' Roses split up  and. But hey they are back.  Not the original GNR, but Lily Giggle!  And they are not just back but back with a vengeance.  Meaning she has a bunch of new patterns and some revamped old patterns.  Anyways, If I would have just started with the photos than I would have had you with that : )

Lets start with the skirt!
Warning...My skirt was at testing stage.  There were a

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Another Jennuinely adorable pattern by Jennuine Designs

I am an affiliate of Jennuine Designs.  All links to her store in this post are Affiliate links

Oh man she does it again!  Yep, another adorable pattern for little girls and let me tell you this one is versatile as much as it is adorable! Back in I think April I had the opportunity to test Jenn's first ever clothing pattern -The Matinee Dress (Click here to see my Matinee test).  I was so in love with the Matinee

Friday, July 18, 2014

Hip Hop Harem Pants

Here I am again with another pattern test.  Testing seems to be the only thing I blog about lately, but to be honest testing is the only sewing I have been doing.  I love to test new patterns.  The deadline keeps me on task, making new friends around the world, and the designers are always so nice (Lydia the designer at Kiwis Closest was sooo nice) !  But I think the reason I love testing the most is that you get to see all of these wonderful takes on one pattern.   Today I think I will share ONE of my take : ) Hehe I have another I plan to share later.

I used interlock knit for Mila's harem pants.  I had won the fabric on Facebook from Banberry Place I think