Friday, September 19, 2014

Showcase Flip Swing Coat to Dress and a little more

I like to put the link to the pattern on the top so its easy for you to find.  But you can also grab it at the bottom of my post.  Go Grab your pattern at Sewlosophy and get 15% off all of her patterns just use the code-SHOWCASE.  Now on to my post : )

When I received an ever so secret email a few months back from Frances Suzanne I pretty much just about screamed with excitement!  You can ask my boys, its true!  I was really very very excited to be part of the September Showcase,  My very first blog post ever began because of Frances Suzanne.  If it were not for the Flip this Pattern series I do not think I would have ever started blogging in the first place.  So thank you Frances Suzanne for starting this super fun series and showing me this amazing world where I have found people just like me, others who are completely crazy about sewing.

So what is the September Showcase?  Well, Frances Suzanne is showcasing 10 designers that 30 of us bloggers will be blogging about (well for the most part have already blogged about, today is the last day).  I choose the Sewlosophy's Serendipity Swing Coat.  I wanted to blog about the entire collection.  Unfortunately I ran out of time.  But man, if I had a friend ask me where to start with sewing clothes, Sewlosophy is the place I would send them.  She has a video tutorial with every pattern.  How perfect, right.

We were told we can flip the pattern if we like but are not required to.  I thought about leaving it as is, but if you follow my blog I have been doing allot of testing and that means no changing the patterns.  I have been ready to try using a little creativity.  So yes, I flipped it : ).  And keep reading because I did not just make one flip : ) I made two!

I actually really did not change the pattern much.  Instead cutting two pieces to all front pieces I just put them on a fold and cut one.  I did take two inches off of the front top piece (I can not think of what it is called, but that top piece ; ) )  I took one inch off of the arms in the center and shortened them to short sleeves, plus added that pleat and cuff.  Oh and a band at the bottom.  This is really my favorite style of dress.  The dress is knit.

I love taking pictures!  So as usual, I took a bunch!  By day I am an at home daycare provider.  It's easy to take lots of pictures at pretty parks when that is pretty much what we do every day anyway. 

Doesn't the ground look pretty in the picture.  It's really a bunch of goose poop and feathers.  : )

Can't you just about hear her singing : )

I just had to share a little of Mila too : )

Now on to flip 2 

Since I was showcasing a jacket pattern I thought I should make a jacket too.  

I made Mila a faux leather jacket last year similar to this style and I loved it so I thought I would try something similar.  Plus I have been seeing allot of fringe on Project Runway so I thought I would make an attempt at that.  Well, whoops.  I went with a suede type fabric and I did not notice it would fray until I was half done with attaching it.  I made all of that fringe too so I was in no way going to start over.  Well, I am glad I didn't.  Now I love how the fringe fray's, and after a wash it curled up really cute!

I honestly did not change a thing with the pattern pieces.  All of the changes I made were put on top of the outer layer.

I added seven layers of fringed suede (from Joann's) and than added a band on top of the first layer.  The band is pretty much a giant single fold bias tape.  I inserted some elastic into the giant bias tape and stitched it in place on the front of the jacket a couple inches out from the side seam on each side.  Can I tell you it turned out perfect! If you like the look but maybe not the fringe try it with ruffles.  That is my next project : ).  

The girls were loving the geese!  The geese thought we had some treats so they swim all the way from the other side of the pond to greet the girls. They loved it!  Next time we will be bringing those treats or should I say bread.

Go Grab your pattern at Sewlosophy and get 15% off all of her patterns just use the code-SHOWCASE

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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

All In One Pattern in the All You Need Jammies by Heidi & Finn

Some times its hard to find the link so I will put it here : ) Etsy shop link to Heidi & Finn
Oh my gosh I am in love once again!  This is the most amazing pattern and I promise a must have for girls and boys.   The pattern is out Today and pretty much includes a pattern for everything you need to make not only pajamas but an entire knit wardrobe!

I think my favorite piece is the nightgown!  Its comfy and adorable and doubles as a comfy knit dress. The pattern has long, mid and short sleeve lengths with or

Friday, August 22, 2014

Year of the American Girl Giveaway

While browsing Google Plus (which by the way, completely confuses me, but seems fun) a few weeks ago I happened to run across a contributor request for a huge giveaway.  I guess it intrigued me because I entered even though I did not have an American Girl doll nor have I ever made American Girl Doll clothing. My thoughts were that it would be pretty easy.  The clothes are so tiny I thought I could sew the dress up pretty quick.  Well I was kinda wrong because I think the tiny dress took just as long as a big girl dress but it was pretty fun : ), and I will certainly be making more!

The giveaway is really kinda amazing and really kinda huge!  The lucky winner will receive an 18"doll outfit for every occasion that happens within a year.  My entry of course is

Monday, August 18, 2014

Lil Luxe Collections Alley Cat Romper

I am an affiliate of The Lil Luxe Collection, this post does contain affiliate links
I thought I would be taking a little break from testing.  I have been hoping to sew up a fall wardrobe for Mila and finally tackle some of those patterns I have been hording.  Maybe even

Monday, August 4, 2014

Lily Giggle is Back On

I am an affiliate of Lilly Giggle, this post does contain affiliate links to their shop : )

OMGosh!!!Can you believe this fantastic news!  Yes I know I can be a little silly but I am genuinely very excited about the return of Lily Giggle Sewing patterns.  I became a big fan many years ago when I first saw the Zinna Dress in a photo on Brownie Goose's Blog (by the way she is another fabulous designer).  I purchased the pattern immediatly and I actually did sew it up immediatly!  I than began purchasing more and more of the patterns.  When I heard the news LilyGiggle would be closing shop I was genuinely sad, sad like when Guns n' Roses split up  and. But hey they are back.  Not the original GNR, but Lily Giggle!  And they are not just back but back with a vengeance.  Meaning she has a bunch of new patterns and some revamped old patterns.  Anyways, If I would have just started with the photos than I would have had you with that : )

Lets start with the skirt!
Warning...My skirt was at testing stage.  There were a

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Another Jennuinely adorable pattern by Jennuine Designs

I am an affiliate of Jennuine Designs.  All links to her store in this post are Affiliate links

Oh man she does it again!  Yep, another adorable pattern for little girls and let me tell you this one is versatile as much as it is adorable! Back in I think April I had the opportunity to test Jenn's first ever clothing pattern -The Matinee Dress (Click here to see my Matinee test).  I was so in love with the Matinee

Friday, July 18, 2014

Hip Hop Harem Pants

Here I am again with another pattern test.  Testing seems to be the only thing I blog about lately, but to be honest testing is the only sewing I have been doing.  I love to test new patterns.  The deadline keeps me on task, making new friends around the world, and the designers are always so nice (Lydia the designer at Kiwis Closest was sooo nice) !  But I think the reason I love testing the most is that you get to see all of these wonderful takes on one pattern.   Today I think I will share ONE of my take : ) Hehe I have another I plan to share later.

I used interlock knit for Mila's harem pants.  I had won the fabric on Facebook from Banberry Place I think

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Meet Charlie


Can you believe the adorableness of this one?  I was so lucky to have the opportunity to test this new dress pattern by Farrah of Mingo & Grace.  

Its a pretty simple dress and a very quick sew but the outcome looks very professional!  She uses a few new techniques in the construction that you may not have tried before.  I kinda love that some PDF patterns teach you something new.  This one did for me : )

The back has a button closure.  See my pretty wooden button.
 I unintentionally almost exclusively use wooden buttons.  I do not know why, there are some pretty cool buttons out there.  I guess maybe its the natural look : ).

I added a little bias tape just above the skirt seam.  I wanted to add two but ran out of bias tape.  I knew Ms P would like something a little fun so I also added three purple heart shaped buttons.  We picked up some very large beads at hobby lobby to match the dress.  Score because they were on clearance for $1.  She loved the necklace almost as much as the dress.

We did a little shell hunting along the river. The girls had a ton of fun!

We tried a little rock skipping too!

This peachy, orangey, coralish colored polka dot dress was for my first round of testing.  Farrah made a few changes so I decided to sew up another.

 So here it is, the final version!  Yes, these pictures are probably a little over edited.  I cant help it though, I think its fun : )  This dress was made out of a suiting fabric from Joann's.  You can not really tell in the photos but the way the skirt ruffle lays is so pretty with this fabric!

Here are a few close ups of the construction : )

So are you wondering how to grab this totally awesome pattern for yourself?  Ok, here is the info-
The Charlie PDF sewing pattern is now available at the Sewing Rabbit's Pattern Member Site

On July 15th Charlie will be released in Farrah's blog/store
But wait, keep scrolling because I have a rafflecopter here.  Can you tell how excited I am about that, it's my first giveaway!

Wait a second, we have a giveaway here!!! Click on the Rafflecopter link bellow!!!  

I loved this pattern so much I had to sew up a third!!! I think I will share it on the 15th when the pattern is available in Farrah's shop.

And I just wanted to say a thank you to Farrah of Mingo & Grace.  I had so much fun testing this dress and it really is so pretty.  It is my favorite dress at the moment in Mila's closet.  And she has a lot of dresses!   I also love making friends with all of the other tester's, and seeing there super awesome creations!  You might see a few out there in the blogging world.  I can make it a little easier for you and share a few links.  PLEASE stop by there blogs because there really were some pretty cute creations, great for inspiration : )

Saturday, June 28, 2014

From mom's old clothes to babys new clothes

 Pre-pregnancy I was three sizes smaller.  I always gain tons of weight with each baby, but I had always lost it after baby, and lost it quick!  Baby such luck.  I am almost one year out and I may have actually gained a few pounds.  It's a little depressing but the baby is so worth it : ).   My closet is now filled to the roof with my pre-pregnancy clothes and my new and larger after pregnancy clothes.  I decided to clean it out a bit.  I still have hopes to fit in those clothes some day, so I did not get rid of it all.  A few items I really did not like were packed for the thrift shop.  Luckily I am not the quickest at dropping my stuff off because the bag full of clothes has been sitting in another closet for about a month.  I say luckily because Project Run and Play week 3 just happens to be repurposing week.  I dug through the bag and found an old sweater and turtleneck tee shirt both from Old Navy.  They have both seen lots of use but the fabric was still in great shape.  I did take a picture of the sweater with my phone but for some not very smart reason I deleted it.  Luckly I had two sweaters.  The off white sweater was almost the same as this purple one.  Just off white and the collar was

Tuesday, April 22, 2014


I am an affiliate of Jennuine Designs.  This post does contain affiliate links

Am I here...On a real blogging tour...Why yes I am!  How fun for me!  Well actually it makes me a little nervous because the sewing is a whole lot of fun, but when it gets to writing about it...I feel a little silly.  I am never sure if I am making any since or sounding like a silly person.  So I really hope I do not sound soo silly because this is a pattern I really want to make some since about!

Monday, April 21, 2014

Testing 1234 The Ash jumpsuit

Are you ready?  Just one more day left for the big release.  Willow & Co. will be opening there virtual doors Tuesday April 21st.  This here is test # 4 for Willow & Co.  Yes, I was pretty lucky to grab the chance at 4 tests!  I will admit that I did do a little Facebook page stalking : )  Anyways with no further ado, I give you...
The Ash Jumpsuit