Tuesday, April 22, 2014


Am I here...On a real blogging tour...Why yes I am!  How fun for me!  Well actually it makes me a little nervous because the sewing is a whole lot of fun, but when it gets to writing about it...I feel a little silly.  I am never sure if I am making any since or sounding like a silly person.  So I really hope I do not sound soo silly because this is a pattern I really want to make some since about!

I recently had the opportunity to test the Matinee Dress by Jenn from A Jennuine Life.   And to be honest I do not think I could have been more excited to have the opportunity!   You may have seen a few examples out in the blogging and Facebook world, but I would guess you are about to see a bunch more because this pattern is going to be a big HIT...A Home Run if you will : ) I know, I know if you have read my blog before I am always praising the patterns I test.  And it's true, so far I have loved each and every one, at least that I have blogged about.  But this one is a little more special to me.  I guess because this is her first pattern and yes I knew the dress would be cute, but I did not realize it would be this gorgeous or that the instructions would probably be the best illustrated and well written instructions I have ever read and that is a promise! 

Urg, I so wish I could have gotten a few pics at the movie theater.  Wouldn't of that been cute : ).  I accidentally had signed up in a size to big for Mila so I had miss E do a little modeling for me.  Last year she was my main modeling gal, so it was fun to snap more pictures of her.

Hmmm... Maybe I should talk about and show you a few more photos of the dress.  OK, I think I will use some of Jenn's actual words because they make a little more since than I could put it-

"The Matinée Dress and Peplum Top features a pseudo bateau neckline with a plunging open back. A simple sash at the empire waistline adds interest and closes the middle back. There are several options for customization: cap sleeves, a contrasting hem band, and dress or peplum lengths. Perfect for some afternoon entertainment - a matinée if you will! Sizes 12 months through 8 years."
Oh, and here is an option I have never seen before, you can print just the size you need, if you want
 : ).  

The back of the dress is maybe my favorite part!

I posted this picture on Facebook a week or so back and it received so much attention.  I heard allot of "what pattern is that" "where can I get this"  Well I am happy to tell you, you can pick it up NOW.  Right here and here.  And you can grab them for a limited time at a discount.  On Craftsy the pattern is already discounted and on Etsy use the code MATINEE20 for 20% off.

And here is another great deal-  Jenn's sponser is offering a 10% discount in her Etsy shop on all purchases in honor of Jenn's pattern release.  So pick up some cute fabric to go along with this pretty cute pattern, just use the code- HOORAYFORMATINEE

Alright, I need to share a few of Mila in her Matnee dress as well.  I loved the pattern so much I made Mila a Matinee Easter dress.  For Mila's Easter dress I added a second skirt that was a little more gathered than the top layer.  

Can you tell I love Gold!
Thanks for viewing, Kim


Monday, April 21, 2014

Testing 1234 The Ash jumpsuit

Are you ready?  Just one more day left for the big release.  Willow & Co. will be opening there virtual doors Tuesday April 21st.  This here is test # 4 for Willow & Co.  Yes, I was pretty lucky to grab the chance at 4 tests!  I will admit that I did do a little Facebook page stalking : )  Anyways with no further ado, I give you...
The Ash Jumpsuit

The Pattern is by Celina of Petit a Petit & Family. Just as with all of the other patterns I had tested, this one has a bunch of options.  My test was actually for the faux jumpsuit version.  It is a two piece, and in my opinion, that works best for a baby in diapers.

I think the neckline is my favorite part of the jumpsuit.  It is a halter with an elastic casing all the way around.  

I think it is a very sweet look!  I used a super light weight swiss dot fabric from Joann Fabrics store.  I am  thinking this pattern will be a staple for Milas summer wardrobe!  I can't wait to make a few more : ).' I think the top will be adorable with a skirt too.  

So while you wait for the big release, why not do some browsing!  
Just look at some of the blogging rock stars associated with Willow & Co.
And oh my gosh, you will be amazed by all the wonderful things the other pattern testers came up with.

And I must not forget!  Thank you so much for allowing me to test!  I had so much fun : )

Thursday, April 17, 2014

I have been extremely excited to share this one!!!  Ahhh!  I really can not believe how cute this poncho is!!!  I am totally in love.   I just can not believe that I made it.  Yes, if you have read my blog in the past few days; here I am testing again.  And again for the new pattern company Willow & Co.  I had the chance to test four of the patterns that will be released this upcoming Tuesday.  This is my third blog post of the four I will be posting. Two of the patterns were created by Celina of Petit a Patit & Family.  This Poncho included.

The Elm Poncho has a few options as you can see in the photo bellow.   I choose fully lined, patch pockets and visor hood.

Can you see my inspiration?  It was the lining fabric.  You can find it here.  I bought the fabric awhile back and felt the super girls were a little large of a print for Mila so its just been sitting on my shelf.  The outer fabric is pleather from Joann Fabrics. I was so nervous to sew with the pleather.  Turns out it was so easy and kinda nice to skip all that ironing!  I just top stitched everything and used a walking foot.   

A raincoat is what I decided to create!

And not just any raincoat, a SUPER MILA raincoat

The raincoat has been sitting in my living room all week just because I like to look at it : ).
I made the emblem with a these letters.  

Funny to say, but we got lucky and it rained!

Mila stayed dry.

Ready for a bunch more photos : )

Thanks for viewing!!!

Star buttons and yellow snaps were also from Joann fabrics.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Testing 1.2.3 the Persimmon Dress

Wow, I have never done so much blogging in one week.  and I still have three more outfits to write about!  I am not a big fan of the writing part because I feel like I am sounding silly or I just go blank.  Well I don't think you will need to read much because the dress/tunic says it all!

Sorry, I can now see it is a bad idea to edit photos on my laptop. I now see most of my pictures are a little over exposed.  It just makes the dress stand out a little more I guess : )  

Let me start by telling you about the new pattern collaborative named Willow & Co.  It is a group of extra talented designers who have came together to offer you some of the best patterns out there.  This spring they are releasing there first collection named Wanderlust.

 This dress is the Persimmon dress.  The pattern was designed by Hayley of Mouse House Creations.

I tested most of this before the tutorial was available so my straps are excessively short, but as you can see it is still beautiful!  I used a plum colored linen from Joann Fabrics.  I think the thickness of the fabric really made the top fluff out.  By the way, this is the tunic length not the dress.  

ready for another photo overload : )!

 I Love the pleats on this

I serged the hem and than turned the hem up instead over under and than trimmed the edge so that yes once again I left a raw edge.  I did the same when attaching the ruffles.  You can kinda see it poking out under the white bias tape I added for detail.  It kinda made the dress lay funny but after a wash it looked amazing!

Look at my bossy little lady : ), this is what happens when a little girl has three dotting older brothers!

See what I mean : )

The Persimmon dress and the rest of the collection will be available next Tuesday April 22nd.  You can grab your patterns at http://www.willowandcopatterns.com/

Thanks for reading !

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Ballon Top test for Heidi & Finn

It's available! Fine the pattern here at
If you have read my blog before or look back through my posts you would certainly notice I am a big fan of Heidi & Finn Patterns.  It may have started way back before I had a daughter with my very first PDF pattern purchase, the Perfect Party Dress.  I made the dress for a friends daughter and it was a big hit!  The pattern was sweet, simple, and absolutely beautiful.  I was an immediate fan.  Now days I own just about every Heidi & Finn pattern avaiable.  Christine's patterns never disappoint, and anyone can sew them up.  They are that easy!

This pattern is called the Ballon Top.  It is available in sizes 12m-5 years.  The top is knit with a sheer or very light fabric overlay.  

This pattern will be avaiable later today April 15, or tomorrow in Christins Etsy shop

Be ready for a photo overload because I took a bunch!!!  I may have to add a few more once I have time : )

 I used cotton organic voile you can find here.  The pattern suggest using chiffon, silk, tissue knit or Voile for the overlay.  If using some of the much lighter fabrics you can double up the overlay. 

Taking pictures on a day like this day was a little difficult.  It was crazy windy!  But at least it was warm.  That has not been happening very often around here.

You can not really tell from my photos but the back is slightly longer on the overlay, kinda the "high-low" look if that is the correct term : ).

 I plan to make a bunch once my sewing room gets cleaned up from all this testing I have been doing 

Thanks for viewing!